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Price: $12.95

NeverCurl. Instantly Stop Curling Rug Corners. Includes 4 Corner Pieces. Easy to apply. Guaranteed to work. Voted Best New Product. How to fix curling rug corners. Carpet corner curling. Works for ALL rugs. Indoor and Outdoor - Weatherproof.

Other Information

  • Includes 4 corner pieces. Rigid Plastic and Soft Rubber adheres to the bottom of the rug and prevents corner curling. Fastens to the rug, not the floor. The bottom layer of NeverCurl is made of soft rubber protecting your wood floors - the competitors is hard plastic! Patent Pending Design.
  • Use INDOOR and OUTDOOR. Great for all rugs - entry rugs, bath mats, kitchen rugs, runners, outdoor deck and patio rugs
  • Rubber bottom protects wood floors. Easily fastens to ALL rugs - use over carpet, wood floors, outdoor deck, cement, any floor! Works on any rug thickness.
  • Sticks to rug - not the floor. If you currently need an anti-skid pad/mesh, it is best that you still use one with NeverCurl.
  • Place along the edges of rugs as well to prevent buckling. 7.5 inches long, only 3/16 thick. Made In America.
  • Keeps rug corners flat.  How to fix rug corner curling.  Stops carpet curling corners.

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